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Thread: Can't get passed levels

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    Can't get passed levels

    Can't seem to pass levels even though I've baught coins levels to hard

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    tell us what level is that, we'll try to help

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    I've played level 25 x 50 times. Any suggestions? Poor Butler is suffering without his new dog! 🐕

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    Hi Lynnsey! Copy/Pasting something I wrote on another thread about level 25...

    Your priorities:

    1. Create bombs and rainbow blasts. The bombs are the only way to unchain the rainbow blasts already on the board.
    2. Make matches that will destroy the wooden boxes.
    3. If you cannot do either of the above, make matches as close to the bottom of the screen as possible.
    4. Once the boxes and chains are gone, focus only on spaces that have gnomes under them.

    When you have rainbow blasts, use them strategically. Choose the color to remove that is next to the most boxes, under chains, or above gnomes.

    In a pinch, you can use the shovel booster to free a rainbow blast

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    I'm stuck on level 29 and can't beat it! I have been trying since last night. Can anyone help me??

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    I am only on level 280 or so and there are many above me but I will just say that I have had levels that I am sure I will never beat and the bang ..I do. The o ly thing that sometimes keeps you going is the knowledge that others have beat it so it must be doable. I have no idea how random things are so never know the reason I suddenly win (built up skill, helps,easier boards??) but I guess it is just the fun of the variety that might keep us going. Good luck!

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    Can't get past level 38. Have played multiple times and best I can get is 7 out of 8 gnomes. Can't ever seem to get a match at either of the bottom corners for the 8th gnome. Have tried using bombs and rainbow blasts but I always run out of turns/plays before I can get the 8th one. Any suggestions? Please help!

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