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Thread: Co-ops & Regatta Guide: (Racing Basics, Master Task List, etc.)

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    Post Co-ops & Regatta Guide: (Racing Basics, Master Task List, etc.)


    IMPORTANT: The last update (August 2017) significantly altered both Co-ops & Regattas with the addition of seasons.
    Players are still working its features out so it may be a while before the below links have all the vital information.


    Official Co-ops & Regatta FAQ (pre-seasons):
    • This is made by Playrix. It explains what co-ops and regattas are, how to complete regatta tasks, how to opt in/opt out of regattas, how the global leaderboard works, etc.
    • You can find the same information in-game (Settings >> Help & Support).

    Player-Generated Co-ops Guide & Player-Generated Regatta Guide (pre-seasons):

    Co-op Leaders Handbook
    • Advice for growing and managing a thriving Co-op
    • Bonus templates and tools to help you manage your Co-op

    Official Seasons Info (We Have So Far):


    Moderators give special thanks to BrendonL for his work compiling like...everything (lmao). We're truly grateful.

    More recent thanks to Firenze for collecting the official seasons info (we have so far)
    and Busy Bee for assembling the Mystery '?' Task List.
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    Guide to everything about Township:
    View Co-op List: or Add your Co-op:
    Master Regatta Task List:

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