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Thread: Regatta Freeloaders Again!

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    I've changed our forum to by request. Does that mean requests from people will just show up in the game? Sorry new to this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emma Higgins View Post
    I've changed our forum to by request. Does that mean requests from people will just show up in the game? Sorry new to this.
    The request will be in co-op chat. A leader, co-leader or elder can accept or reject the request.

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    Thank you.

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    Fantazidabbiedoo would be perfect! It is a new co-op formed by a group who were feeling pressured in an inactive co-op to do 16 tasks each week to avoid relegation! The plan is to be active and have fun, climbing the leagues together. This is their first race. Min 6 tasks and 50 helps to ensure momentum doesn't stop but most do much more! ❤❤❤

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    works both ways!

    helped a co op go from steel to golden

    pointed out a few things to the leader to increase co ops chances of winning and i got booted before i could claim my rewards and i came 3rd place in our co op!

    very angry right now!

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    I don't know if I'm happy or sad to hear that our co-op isn't the only one having issues. We went to by request after week 1. We only accept players with share numbers similar to us. We try to welcome them and explain the rules, and still we get members who cause problems. Our co-op is a little family that has been together since Feb/Mar. We all play daily and everyone wants to participate. But RL gets in the way. All we wanted was a few more players who could complete all 15 tasks. After a month, 99% of the new members didn't work out. Very frustrating.

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    Hi Binky I know exactly where you're coming from. Our problem is we've had players join- highish levels too- and not say a word. The first one I gave the benefit of the doubt to our team's peril! All our previous 4 weeks hard work went down the gurgler. She did actually say pre race that she would do 16 but only finished one task. I kicked her before she could get rewards. As for these silent ones- unless they opt out I kick them because we've been hurt badly as far as glb goes and I hope I've learnt my lesson lol. It seems so hard to get good loyal players. We have a core group who are very loyal and finding more seems to be a lottery. Don't give up- I've thought of it several times but determined to build a strong loyal team. If you want how about merging with us? Worth a thought. All the best anyway.

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    I agree with all. We have explained rules and still have players not doing tasks. It's very hard to find loyal players. We also have a core group who play several times daily. So hard to keep weeding out the non participating players and find good ones.

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    We have a few freeloaders in our co-op too! Frustrating! They either pick one task and finish it, only one for the entire week, or some pick a task and NEVER finish it. Does anyone know how it affects the score if they pick a task and not finish it? I think they should be kicked before they can receive the benefits. I am only an elder, otherwise after ample warning, which they all have received, I would kick them out!

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    Hi Karen, anyone not completing a task just means that your co-op won't receive those points. As those not following the rules, need to be dealt with by leaders/co-leaders, you can always make your views known in your co-op. If you still feel that nothing is being done, then you may want to look to join another co-op.

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