I'm part of a small, but really committed co-op team Gold League team, Binky&Co.
We have been hard working, completed all our tasks, and happily made our way up each week, for months, with dedication, and great teamwork.
It appears that yet again, we've been landed with freeloaders, who contribute nothing, haven't the decency to even put up their 'Not Racing' signs, but are always happy to reap the rewards of our efforts.
Always excuses, too busy, haven't time 'insert other excuses here'.
Rubbish, I have a professional career, commitments, spouse, I care for an elderly relative, I still find time to not let my team down.
I'm close to quitting, despite a lot of support from my fantastic hard working co-op friends @Blu3frogee and Nordby.
It can't just be us, suffering from these selfish type of players.
All we wanted was a moderate level of dedication, not the Earth on a stick.

Apologies for rant.