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Thread: Leaders/Co-leaders should see detailed task history for members

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    Leaders/Co-leaders should see detailed task history for members

    Some co-op members are suspected of consistently taking regatta tasks that have been requested by others in the chat. Leaders/co-leaders should be able to see a history of which tasks every member has taken throughout a regatta. This would allow us to send specific warnings and to delete members who consistently ignore rules and requests.

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    If that was made so, it should be visible to all Coop members.
    Among other reasons, cos the leader have their responsibility, but should not have to act all alone as police, teacher, Jurisdiction and what not.

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    I agree! I have booted a member or two that wasn't racing and/or helping fellow members but it would be nice to at least see the task someone is working on so then you can help ahead of time if you think they'll need it. May seem like a loophole in the fair play rules/guidelines (then again to be honest I haven't read them) but one point of the game is to bring people together from all over. I would rewrite this, as the fact they can request products just flew over my head, but I am too lazy lol. Idk what I'm saying anymore but I do like your idea Janet! I need sleep ha

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    There's no game rule that says a player can't take a task that another player has said they wanted in chat, so I doubt the devs will implement a system that would encourage harassment of other players for not taking the tasks that have been dictated to them (in this case, dictating the player can take any but THAT bespoken task).

    If you want to run your co-op with such a level of dictatorship/harassment, then confront them in chat, utilize input from all your other members/accusers and get them to watch the regatta board regularly to confirm who takes what tasks and when, kick them out once you feel satisfied they are in fact the player(s) breaking your internal rule, and then see if the problem disappears.

    I don't believe one player saying they want a certain task should prevent another player who also wants that task from taking it if they are the first to nab it. I like some of the first-come-first-served aspects of this game, and picking regatta tasks is one of them. If calling "Dibbs" and kicking out players for not honoring that system is the way you want to run your co-op, so be it, but it just reminds me of one of the survivor groups from The Walking Dead television show.

    Needless to say, I like the system as it is and am against some or all of the players seeing my personal task history. Either I'm personally doing the right number of tasks and/or bringing in the right number of points for the co-op rules, or I'm not, but which tasks I do to reach those goals should be up to me, not some Dictator Leader lording over me.

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    Daria you can already see what everyone in the co-op is currently working on.

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    I agree!!!

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