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Thread: Slow Down! It Goes Waaay Too Fast!!

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    Slow Down! It Goes Waaay Too Fast!!

    I'm here on behalf of myself and most of my co op members to ask that the time frame of the notification of who gave whom items when requested in the chat lines be lengthened or maybe have a way that we can find out who it was. Ya know have a button somewhere that shows the last 5 or 10 transactions. Because other co ops may not care about harmony but we do! Its an important part of who we are to thank each other and to acknowledge the kindness we show to one another. Please help us with this. As it is now if you aren't watching the screen constantly you miss the notification because it's there and gone in literally 1 to 2 seconds! Thanks!

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    Maybe make it not disappear automatically - have an X so that we close it ourselves.

    That being said, that might annoy another group of players, having to close a pop-up window every time someone gives you something.

    So yeah, I think a log would be best.

    Along the same lines, I've kind of wished those players also showed up in the Recent Helpers tab. Someone might not ever have the quantity enough to fill one of my cars/crates, but they might give me a lot of items through the co-op. Helping is helping, and I might still want to send them a gift for that day.

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