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Thread: More ways to earn coins

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    More ways to earn coins

    I am currently frustrated because of the difficulty of some levels. I understand that it requires a bit of luck, but it also requires coins which you can only get by winning, letters, and the daily spin. In order to gain more coins the only way is to pay. It seems unfair to those of us who can't spend money to get the coins we need and are stuck without enough to get extra lives or boosts, or both. Perhaps giving a small coin reward even on a loss would be fair?

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    Correction, you get free coins by winning, letters, the daily spin AND by watching ads on Austin's tablet. And the daily spin also gives you boosts sometimes, so there is no way you can be stuck on zero items for that long.
    Its not important how many coins a player has, what is important is that they are using their items sparingly, and not haphazardly spending on any level the player finds remotely hard.

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    I purchased $0.99 worth coins one time and since then I have stopped receiving ads on austin's iPad to earn more coins. Only once in 24 hours, I get an ad otherwise there were opportunities to earn more coins at least 3 times a day by watching ads. How can one get the ads back?

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    I've spent more than my fair share of money which I do regret not because the game just personal reasons and I don't get these ads that you're talking about where you earn coins or whatever and I think the higher up you get I think you should be able to get more stars because it cost more stars to get things done it's like a job someone who's been working at a place for 20 years opposed to someone who's just starting now do you think they should both be making the same amount or do you think the one that's been there for 20 years should be pink and more that's my opinion thought and well belief thank you

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    The ads are random. You have to hope for them to come back.

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    I've never seen ads that I can watch for coins, but I would def do this! Where do I find them?

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    They just show up once in a blue moon. There not worth a boatload coins, maybe 34g or something like that. You'd have to watch a lot of adds for it to be worth while.

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