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Thread: Suggestions: Factories, Foods, Recipes

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    Suggestions: Factories, Foods, Recipes

    It would be wonderful to add some new factories, recipes, and foods/ingredients/items ( "harvestables" ), such as:


    **Grains - makes dishes w/rice, pasta and potatoes
    **Italian - makes Italian dishes ( similar to Mexican Factory ) ... Maybe also Greek since you get 3 Greek type ingredients from Olivia Island
    **Coffee Shop/Cafe - coffee, donuts, etc


    ***lettuce, peas, beans, green beans, onions, different fruit trees not already in game ( apples, oranges, etc ), raspberries, lemons, celery, different spices & herbs,

    ***Salt from the mines ( like we can get the clay block )

    ***More farm animals: goats ( milk, cheese, meat/mutton ), expand cows for meat, rabbits ( meat, fur ),


    ***Flour: 3 wheat
    ***Boiled eggs: 2 eggs + 1 salt
    ***Chocolate milk: 2 cocoa beans + 1 milk
    ***Chocolate Cake: cocoa beans + eggs + milk + flour
    ***Carrot Cake: this has already been in the game
    ***Coffee: coffee beans + milk + sugar
    ***Coffee ice cream: coffee beans + cream + sugar
    ***Coffee cake: coffee beans + wheat/flour + eggs + sugar
    ***Chicken soup: chicken meat + carrot + potato + rice + salt

    The ideas are endless!!!!!

    ***and have these available at various levels, from low/start to higher levels, making the low level ones available to high level players immediately ( up to their level )***
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