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Thread: Suggestions: Factories, Foods, Recipes

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    Suggestions: Factories, Foods, Recipes

    It would be wonderful to add some new factories, recipes, and foods/ingredients/items ( "harvestables" ), such as:


    **Grains - makes dishes w/rice, pasta and potatoes
    **Italian - makes Italian dishes ( similar to Mexican Factory ) ... Maybe also Greek since you get 3 Greek type ingredients from Olivia Island
    **Coffee Shop/Cafe - coffee, donuts, etc


    ***lettuce, peas, beans, green beans, onions, different fruit trees not already in game ( apples, oranges, etc ), raspberries, lemons, celery, different spices & herbs,

    ***Salt from the mines ( like we can get the clay block )

    ***More farm animals: goats ( milk, cheese, meat/mutton ), expand cows for meat, rabbits ( meat, fur ),


    ***Flour: 3 wheat
    ***Boiled eggs: 2 eggs + 1 salt
    ***Chocolate milk: 2 cocoa beans + 1 milk
    ***Chocolate Cake: cocoa beans + eggs + milk + flour
    ***Carrot Cake: this has already been in the game
    ***Coffee: coffee beans + milk + sugar
    ***Coffee ice cream: coffee beans + cream + sugar
    ***Coffee cake: coffee beans + wheat/flour + eggs + sugar
    ***Chicken soup: chicken meat + carrot + potato + rice + salt

    The ideas are endless!!!!!

    ***and have these available at various levels, from low/start to higher levels, making the low level ones available to high level players immediately ( up to their level )***
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    "Rabbits for Fur" I think is a horrible idea.
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    more crops and trees only when we get more fields. That is only possible when we get more room (expansions). and also, why would it be so "wonderful" to stuff my barn with different types of cakes just to have different types, and learn even more where is what?

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