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Thread: More Houses (As Decor or Housing) for Suburbs

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    More Houses (As Decor or Housing) for Suburbs

    [SIZE=3]Hi all,

    Before I say anything just need to say how much I love this game. Please don't let all the complaints cause too many "adjustments". I love the challenge of the game, what to keep in barn, how to use my building materials, etc.etc. I really enjoy the updates and events also. I think you're doing great job!

    Now my suggestion. I would love to see lots more small house domiciles. I want small suburbs in the outlying areas of town. Even if we get no increase in pop.,although that would be good too. If to not increase pop. perhaps have them as decorations we can use coins to buy.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

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    I really like this idea!!! I second it ! 😊😊

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    I agree! I wanted my town to look a certain way with all smaller houses. I don't want all the big apartment buildings, and I don't want to cram everything in just to be able to move ahead. 🙂 Maybe give a few housing choices per level; like a house (with a larger purchase quantity option to be able to add enough people) and a larger apartment or condo?
    I love this game also!

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