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Thread: Is there a trick to hitting the jackpot on the daily bonus wheel?

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    Finally! I got something else, other than a heart on the wheel! #150coins

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    No trick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Herenya View Post
    I have been playing every day for a long time now and have tried hitting stop on every prize and the wheel does truely seem randomized, but I have never hit the jackpot. Until I checked these forums I thought maybe it was an unwinnable trophy prize to entice you to keep at it but having read other people's posts it seems it can be done. Is there some trick to it or have I just been incredibly unlucky so far?
    The wheel is fixed by the game. You might get the jackpot maybe once every 6 months.

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    Yes the wheel is fixed. I have tried quitting just before it landed on an item. then when I came back and turned again, it stopped at the exactly same spot.

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    I got the jackpot this morning - probably the first time in about three months or so. I agree that coins and hearts are the most common rewards, but I do win rainbow blasts and bombs quite often too.
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    I don't worry about it. I just enjoy the play and use whatever I get. :-)

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