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Thread: Ernie's Township

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    Ernie's Township

    Ernie's has completely redesigned his town with the Summer Update and I really love it! The layout is very cool and unique. What do you think of it?

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    It is pretty isn't it? It gets redone every so often, it's changed probably 3 or 4 times since I started a little over 250 days of playing daily. I'm only guessing but I believe they have somebody new do it each time. Probably to have fresh ideas.

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    I love Ernie's. I 'window shop' there and at high level Townships. LOL

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    It looks better than it did. But I don't understand the short pieces of road where cars drive back and forth and can't go anywhere. Didn't they put out something on Facebook awhile back making fun of people who design their towns that way?

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    Way way back I would try my best to copy his town in certain areas (can still see in my head the Tea House and Asian Restaurant setting). Never getting the same results, then I noticed he didn't have the same amount of population annnnnndd I was totally sure some of the mountains weren't the same.
    I recently noticed his zoo and and was thinking about a few tweaks here and there on mine.

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    It's O.K.

    Ernie's town is o.k. He most certainly has more decorations than I, however, I find it somewhat cluttered looking in certain areas.
    Less is more to me.

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    How do you move glass and concrete slabs ? Can someone please tell me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy Denning View Post
    How do you move glass and concrete slabs ? Can someone please tell me.
    Hi Judy

    We do not have to move them at all. When we have enough of the 3 materials to finish a building, the game tell us that the building is ready. Until you have the 3, the materials stay in the barn.

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    Afraid I don't like Ernie's new town design. Got a lot of good ideas from previous one, but new design is so cluttered and disorganized.
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    The best thing is Ernie only has about 30 apartment blocks to clutter everything up the rest of us are stuck with somewhere nearer 80 which mess up everything you try tondo

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