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Thread: Turn off "hints" during games

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    I would also love to see this option. I find that many times I enjoy the challenge of finding the moves for myself. Yes it’s a helpful feature, but I don’t want it. Also I find that the hints do not even wait for me to pause a moment to make a move. They are just constantly showing me moves. I may have just blown a bomb and as soon as the screen settles the next hint shows. So if you cannot or will not give an option to turn the hints off perhaps you could at least delay them on non timed levels?

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    I would love to turn off the hints. They start way to fast and distract me. There most definitely should be an option to turn them off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35gingrzmum View Post
    I agree with those who would like the option of switching hints off or on. They are extremely distracting--sometimes that is all I see on the screen and I just go with it to get it to go away. There are times we need an extra long time to review the board in order to make the best move and it can't be done with the distraction of those bouncing, throbbing pieces in our face!
    Exactly !

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    My 2 cents, please for the love of God, do this. It is distracting, and almost never helpful.

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    Make hints optional

    Please make the hints optional. They are extremely annoying. I really like this game, but I'm a senior and not as fast as I used to be.

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    I am also finding this annoying. There used to be a place in the "Tools" menu where you could turn them off. I can't find it now. Could we please bring this back?

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