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Thread: Stone Paths Missing

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    Adding my voice. I use this path throughout my zoo, it's very pretty. Please bring it back.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirianda View Post
    Adding my voice. I use this path throughout my zoo, it's very pretty. Please bring it back.....
    Adding my voice too.

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    I use the stone path in my zoo as well and I want it back. The violet path should be restored as well. There's nothing "unrealistic" about them and they're immensely more natural looking than the asphalt or tile paths, which were not removed, so the reason provided for the stone and violet paths' removal is very silly if not total hogwash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happily View Post
    Could this thread be moved to wish list so hopefully playrix staff could see it?
    Zoo is my happy place, love to move around stuff there, at least I did until this update
    There is a thread about it here. Feel free to add your support. <3

    My thought process was it's better to keep this thread here for players to immediately access. Quite a few people are just discovering what happened.

    I'll also be adding it to the "Frequently Suggested Ideas" sticky.
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    Missing Roads

    After a few days missing my daily game, today I got back to play and I realized there are 2 roads missing at my zoo. I dont know if this is a change from playrix or an issue in my specific device. I need you to help me figure out if they actually removed them from the list or if its just my game.

    Thanks in advance.

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    hi Alma,

    two zoo paths were taken out by Playrix. See the thread (with further links) in the zoo section here:

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    A street disappeared :(

    Sorry...but after the last update has disappeared a kind of street is that with the big gray stones I was doing the zoo area with the snow ... you can put her back on it?? please

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    Add my vote to the list as well. I use the stone path in my snowy area... got everything rearranged in edit mode to make room for a new enclosure when I discovered the path was gone. I had to scrap my edit. Very frustrating. Please put it back.

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    Me too, my zoo has paths I was in the middle of constructing and now I can't finish in the same style. A real detraction in the last upgrade I am very out out!

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    I am highly disappointed about the 2 missing paths in the Zoo!! I am creating my zoo to be unique and have separate paths for different types of animals. The big stone path & violet ones were some of my faves... bc they are different and something new & colorful to look at.
    I would LOVE to see these (or at least the stone path) for the town as well. More choices, more personal our towns can be
    Please PLEASE bring them back!!

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