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Thread: The Wheel

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    The Wheel

    Get rid of the free lives on the wheel!

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    No!!!! I was pleased the last update included better prizes on the daily bonus wheel. Why not give a full set of 5 lives instead of just 3?

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    People who don't want to add facebook friends just for a game would be hopping mad, and for good reason IMO.

    I sometimes run through my stockpile of lives and I am grateful for the extra.

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    Why? Why? Why? Why did they remove the lives prize on the wheel. Put the lives back on the wheel, no need for two rainbow blaster prize spots!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Agree two of the cheapest prize now on the wheel and you get it 80% of the time.

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    wheel is fixed, all i ever get is rainbow blast, have never got the jackpot in the 2 years i have been playing

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    We need more than just extra lives on the wheel.

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    Why do we keep winning same prizes allow us to win something else I always when rainbow and twice ever the jackpot but not much else I play every day sometimes you need different prizes to help in a level

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    the wheel is a real bugbear, not only do i never get anything other than rainbow blasts now when i log on the game instead of the wheel appearing straight away as it used to i now have to play the level once before it appears

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