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    Dragon logo

    What have you done with the ADORABLE dragon that used to be in the playrix logo? I LOVED that dragon!!!!! Now the logo is plain and BORING!!! Please bring back the old logo and most importantly, the dragon!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

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    hi Pony Girl,

    we have lost the baby dragon, first in Township, now in Gardenscapes, although Playrix claimed at first they would consider our wish.

    pls see here in the Township section

    and Gardenscapes is also mentioned on that page in posts # 51 and 53.

    See also post # 40 on page 4 there: Now we have only these mini vermins displayed on the main page here. SO sad.

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    And this is why I hate that minimalism is now a fashion. "Less equal more"? NEVER!
    Something major probably happened upstairs (copyright issues, new upstart CEO, game designers downgraded, dragon was let off, winged vermin infestation etc.)

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    yup, probably...

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    I can't believe that I would've missed that dragon but for some reason I'm just a little depressed every time I fire up Gardenscapes now.

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    Yes, the new logo is UGLY. The old logo was great for the game; it went well with the art and the idea of a fun, whimsical game.

    The new logo belongs to a company that takes themselves too seriously to make (or at least do a good job making) a game like Gardenscapes.

    Please bring back the cute dragon!

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