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Thread: [Emulators] Issues with connecting and server maintenance?

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    Question [Emulators] Issues with connecting and server maintenance?

    earlier today everything was fine then suddenly i was having issues with connecting to chat and the chest event. i decided i would try to restart my game and even uninstalled it, when that happened i lost all my stuff so i was going thru the tutorial so i can sync my account, then i noticed a message when i click the hard, i put attachments so you can see.

    i hope this issues gets resolved soon because i dont wanna let my team down.


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    i can't load the event board or see chat? any idea what happened? i'm in the middle of a task too!

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    i'm having the same problem.

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    I too am having this issue as of this morning. I can't access my task board and when I go look at my profile it says I am not in a coop. The yacht just keeps saying " loading data" and I also can not go and help my friends, it is stuck on a loading screen with the same 3 friends for the past hour or so. Not sure how to proceed, Support never ever has helped when I have gone to them. Hopefully this is just a hiccup.

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    Hi, I´m having the same problem. I cant access the regatta - data loading -no chat, i cant not see the friends in coop.

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    "maintenance please try later"

    since 3 hours?
    i cant build, visit friends... etc

    how long does it take?

    edit: 5 hours.....

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    Castle, I'm not too happy about this either, but I am sure glad to know it's not just me. I wonder if the sale offer did something to mess this up, because it was working just fine last night. Looking at my profile in the game it actually states that I am not in a coop when I know that I am and completed a train task and now it's stuck up in the right hand corner "task complete" 9/9 trains loaded... sure hope it's fixed soon!!

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    yeah i hope they get it fixed because i was in first place at the underwater event

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    Hi everyone,

    May i ask what platform/device are you playing on?
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    Unfortunately having the same issue Uninstalled after having issues to connect to chat & interseasonal and found myself going through the tutorial and then stuck in it because of "technical maintenance" going on??? Already 6 hours have gone and still not working!

    Platform: android
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