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Thread: 26.06 Flower Event LIVE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josef Novak View Post
    Prosim poslete mi nekdo zivot
    Josefe, vitej na foru. Zivot ti mohou poslat jen pratele ve hre, ktere ziskas pres Facebook. Klidne bych si te pridala a poslala ti zivot kazdy den, ovsem s tvym jmenem te na FB tezko najdu, jak jiste chapes.
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    Platform: Android 5.1.1

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    I wish i could continue playing but it's just too difficult; i end up spending waaaay too much money and it's very stressful. AND I'm only on level 75!! You people are just toolkit greedy!! So long.

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    I am on 446 i only got the firewors on the 4th no flower game no fireworks why dont i get the new games

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    i counted 27

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    why dont i get these games

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    same thing for me i am on 448

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nataly Kuzmina View Post
    Hello, folks!

    The Flower event has begun!
    Local orangery is searсhing for new exotic plants and Austin can’t wait to participate. Beat levels and complete stages to grow a beautiful flower to get valuable rewards!

    Share your impressions in the comments below, we’d love to know what you guys think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliana Badari View Post
    No event on fb

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    Last week, I got the flower event after I'd started that week's 25 levels but I didn't have 12 levels left for the week so couldn't complete it. It would be good if the flower event was released at the same time as the week's levels so we would definitely get to finish!

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