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    Too hard....

    Sometime Gardenscapes is just to hard and to little stars to build things.....I get so frustrated when I have to play the same game over and over again sometimes weeks and not succeed.....(maybe I'm just bad at this) so I tell my self to quit but I'm still here for now...please, why not put in some easy plays once and it only me who think this is to hard and to little rewards for all the efforts.

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    I am only at Level 39, and I am SO disgusted with this game!!! It is rigged so the only way you can get thru a level is to pay money! This game is doomed to fail eventually. You get addicted quickly but the obsession wears off once you've played one particular game countless times to no avail. Even if you're desperate enough to shell out money for coins, and you then 'pay' for the explosives & other things, it still takes 2 or 3 tries before you win. This app is cleverly constructed--the avatar Austin, told me I was his best friend!--it reels you in, but I'm so fed up that I've decided to get out!

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    I am at the 1350 level and I love difficulty of this game! Either way it takes 2 day for me per week to played all 25 new levels each week. So it is still leak of it. I do not spend any cash also. All is doable, all You need is patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauline Newman View Post
    2 or 3 tries at 1 level & you can get it. OMG stop whinging.
    certainly more than these few tries, for some, for many. With that title: just don't read the thread.

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    I have the same feeling. I’am at level 1350 for over a week and it is impossible to finisch it. Wy not build in a escape after .... times of playing the same level.

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    Ich spiele dieses Spiel sehr gern. Bis jetzt... Ich bin bei Level 2150 und es wird oft so schwer, dass ich nicht mehr weiter spielen möchte. Events machen keinen Sinn weil man während eines Events ein, zwei oder höchstens drei Level schafft. Deshalb denke ich gerade darüber nach, das Spiel zu deinstallieren denn ich möchte Freude haben und keinen Frust. Schade...

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    When I think it’s so hard that I’m going to quit, I keep trying my best until I’m out of lives and helps, and then I take a break for a while. AFAI can remember, I haven’t spent any money on this game (but I share it often to “pay it forward” and would be happy to buy merchandise if it was of good quality, like Funko Pops, etc.)
    Each level is trying to teach you something. Sometimes, it’s explode everything as quickly as possible. Sometimes, it’s to avoid that tempting bomb and just match a few in this quiet corner to win. If you listen to each puzzle, you’ll fall in love with the game.

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