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Thread: How's the weather in your town?

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    How's the weather in your town?

    Since it is starting to snow here I decided it should start snowing in "Naughtyville". So all of my ground has turned white for the winter. I'm all ready for the snow flakes to start falling when we get the December update 🌲⛄️

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    Queen Nana
    How did you turn your ground white?

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    Hi Queen Nana

    You have to go in "Edit" mode by clicking the 4 arrows button on the bottom left of the screen. While there, click on the 4 colors button on the left : there are actually 5 types of ground. Click on the white square and click where you want snow to appear in your town.

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    Queen Nana
    Thank you Grey Lady. Now it really looks like winter.

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