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Thread: An idea on decorations, farming tools, and crops

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    An idea on decorations, farming tools, and crops

    A few ideas I have been tossing around:
    For decorations:
    Some rocks... Example would be when I finally was able to build
    the lighthouse I thought it would be fun to build it on a rocky
    outcrop. Also for placing the mine around a rocky area somewhere
    Other than around the edges.

    For Farming:
    1: Have a third pig farm. With the long wait on bacon, a third pig farm
    or a shorter time on bacon has become needed. I think this would
    be of great help.

    2: Some new recipes with berries would be fun! Cherries,
    raspberries, blueberries, peaches, apples. Any of those would
    make a great addition.

    3: A compost building!! Players could add any crops to the building
    and after x amount of time they would get fertilizer to help speed
    up a crop. Understandably not wanting to interfere with t-bucks,
    The composting could be pretty limited if you so desired.

    Well those are my thought! See you around town!

    Thanks for the great game,

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    Great ideas!

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    I agree, these are great ideas.

    If I may add maybe plums can be used more, such as potato dumpling with plums, made with potato, plums and sugar. Original name in my country is "knedle sa sljivama" to check how it looks.

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    That sounds very interesting!!

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