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Thread: Looking for WINDOWS Friends? Add Your Code or Facebook Here

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    Looking for WINDOWS Friends? Add Your Code or Facebook Here

    I couldn't believe my eyes when the Windows phone version was updated and we now have friendship codes!

    I figured, instead of sifting through tonnes of friend codes in other threads, most of which are Android and IOS users i make a thread specifically for Windows phone players to share codes.

    So please feel free to share your code here so that us Windows users can finally get some friends (i have just added my first friend!), and start getting the most out of Township in terms of helping each other with carts etc.

    My code is: T4964M

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    Fantastic isn't it Marty?!!!

    My code is in my signature. Would love to have you as a friend

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    You can try adding friends on Facebook as well! That's how I got some of my friends. Code in signature

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    Antons Muravskis

    windows p - amoria

    Friend code:8RQSUQ

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    Anna Gilpin
    Windows: SXTDH9

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    Looking for facebook friends for windows version. Xmildlydisturbedx on facebook FEPQ3H is my friends code. When you ask for an invite on facebook be sure to me too the game.

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    U can add me z8xg88

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    My question remains. I have about 50 friends from the community, they are highlighted blue. I have one new friend who says he plays on Windows and he is highlighted brown. How do I get more friends from windows?
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    You can start by looking at the people posting in this thread as it is for people playing on windows. Look for them on facebook and send an invitation. Check their signature to make sure they are on windows.

    You can check the facebook page of the game. I see people on windows looking for friends regularly. You can post there and ask for friends for windows too.

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    Do we need the code? Cause game won't let me enter invitation codes. Or do we just to have to be windows/ FB players?
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