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Thread: Coins earned, Coins spent for extra moves, and Stars for levels won.

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    Coins earned, Coins spent for extra moves, and Stars for levels won.

    I'd like to suggest an overhaul in all these areas. First, Charging 900 coins for 5 moves is insane. Especially when we can only earn 50-100 coins for each level completed. It takes forever to complete some of these levels and it makes the game not worth playing. Other games I play only charge 50-100 coins at most for the extra moves but they give us much more of a chance to earn those coins and special items back. Second, You could also try awarding much higher coin amounts for each level, especially the harder ones. Try 100-200 coins per level, plus throw in bonus bombs or whatever to reward the effort, and make the game more playable. Third, and last, consider awarding more than one star per level. With the way you charge for tasks (every thought costs a star), there's no way to get ahead or have enough stars to pay for the tasks Austin needs to complete. Consider 2-4 stars for the harder levels, 1-2 for the easy ones. Thanks!
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    Thank you for your great suggestions. You definitely aren't the first person on these forums to bring similar concerns to light so I'm sure you have a lot of support. As always however, I feel a strong desire to play devils advocate. I am in no way hoping to shoot down your ideas, merely provide a differing view point that can spark a conversation.

    900 coins for 5 moves. Feels insane off the get go. You've haven't mentioned how far you are in to the game so it's difficult to know if you're just starting to hit the difficulty wall or if you've been slogging through it for the past few months. Either way, 900g is probably just right. Expensive enough that you can't just choose to use 5 extra moves every level. If gaining extra moves were "more reasonably priced" it would defeat the purpose of setting a move limit in the first place. The general point is to complete the level in the allotted number of moves. Lowering the price to 50-100 coins for extra moves would mean that every time you win a level, you would have enough to spend on 5 more moves on the very next level. Currently you need to complete somewhere closer to 15 levels before you earn 5 free moves. At 1325 levels and counting, that's a fair bit of coin you can earn towards extra moves.

    Awarding higher coin amounts. In a way, your request has been partially granted as the hard levels now offer 90+ coins for completion (similar to chest levels). But similar to the paragraph above, allowing people to earn more coins per level, means that they can buy more boosters and more extra moves, rushing them through the game faster and let's face it, Playrix does this for the money, and this would stop people from spending as much money as the do on the game. The point is that it's supposed to feel hard to earn these things so that you open your wallet and spend spend spend. Only the most patient and dedicated F2P gamers will work through the challenges and not spend a dime.

    Stars. This one gets me every time. People are always asking for more stars. Stars are arbitrary. The point is, Playrix wants you to complete 'X' number of levels before you complete a section of the garden. It's not as if there's any strategy to how you spend stars. We all play through the same linear story. There's no way that paying players can earn more stars than non paying players. We all earn the same amount, 1 per level. If they give you more stars, that means Playrix has to spend more time developing new areas for you and Austin to renovate. Rushing you through the game is not the goal. Providing enough excitement that you'll keep pushing through the difficulty walls of challenging levels and occasionally spend money is what they're shooting for. Getting you to the end of the game quicker means putting it down and forgetting about it entirely.

    Think of it like baseball. Do they really need to play 180 some odd games a year before the play offs start. Hell no, but they cram in as many as they can to earn as much coin as they can. In the world of Gardenscapes, we're barely out of spring training.

    Either way, don't stop asking for the things you think will help improve this game.

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    I understand you are playing devil's advocate, but I'd like to rebut your ideas.

    A) You are correct that the developer's goal is to make you spend money for your moves, but 900 coins equals 18 50-coin levels. Perhaps a different solution is to charge a smaller amount for fewer moves. Sometimes, I need only 2 moves to win. Why not have a 100-coin per move option? Then my 900 coins are worth 9 moves.
    B) I care little for coins, as that's not my quibble with the game.
    C) However, here is my quibble. Instead of winning more coins for harder levels, why not make it more stars for harder levels? If they can "afford" to charge us more stars for tasks, then make winning levels (especially the hard levels) a worthwhile experience. Say I earn 110 coins for beating a level. That alone gets me nothing! If I win two stars, however, then I think it might be worthwhile spending my real money to beat a level. Right now, every time I make a micro transaction, I feel it, and weigh it carefully. Perhaps my suggestions might make me be and others more free with those transactions.
    I'm very aware that the developer's goal is to make money. However with the number of people playing this, I suspect that the company is not hurting for revenue.

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