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Thread: Co-op Management for Regatta Success

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    Question Co-op Management for Regatta Success

    Hello, Co-op Leaders and Regatta Participants! ⚓️

    I'd like to learn more about how to best inspire and curate my new Co-op for maximum regatta impact without burning everyone - and myself - out! I like to maximize the rewards so that I can expand and level up more effectively. I also like to reach achievements, such as earning the Golden Sail, though the leaderboard has little appeal. However, it is challenging to gather a group of like-minded individuals and keep the group active and fresh even with clear goals and guidelines. (If you'd like to respond specifically to our Co-op's style, feel free to check out

    Generally, I'd like to know about the Co-op management styles you have experienced, the advantages/disadvantages, and creative solutions to this aspect of the game. (I'm not so much talking about competitive vs casual or interactive vs passive; instead, I'd like to know about specific things you have appreciated - or not - in your Co-op Leaders and/or what you have learned as a Leader). In this thread, please feel free to share your opinion on any or all of the following:

    🏁 1. What methods have you seen be productive in creating a welcoming and motivated Co-op culture? (e.g. rules, messages/chat, gifts, positivity, gratitude, etc).

    📣 2. How have you seen the Leader-to-all messaging feature be used most effectively or creatively?

    ⏱ 3. What kind of preparation methods do you use or encourage to get ready for the Regatta?

    🏆 4. Is it possible to get the Golden Sail/win in Golden League without being in a "highly competitive" Co-op?

    👥 5. How do you offer promotions and communicate clearly to your Elders which tasks to dump and to your Leaders who to accept/decline?

    🚫 6. When someone isn't a good fit, do you employ a warning system (seems labor intensive, plus what kind of response time to allow) or simply kick them (could seem callous)? Does either choice cause conflict within your Co-op?

    💬 7. Feel free to share any time you have seen challenges or conflict come up, particularly if they were resolved in a way you felt satisfactory.
    While our Co-op guidelines have been available since it was started, we've seen some who don't read the rules or who seem to have problems understanding them, as simple as they are. I want to be fair to everyone on the team who contributes, but sometimes there can be (relatively minor) personality/communication clashes.

    If you are aware that there are any previous threads on any of these topics, I would appreciate the links. I have tried searching through the forums and wiki but found little to satisfy my curiosity on these subjective questions and would also like some input from currently competitive players.

    Thank you for taking the time to read, consider, and respond! All of the efforts of players, moderators, and admin are much appreciated as we enjoy this fun little game together.

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