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Thread: The funny side of Township😊

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    Thanks Pink and Doodle, I'll have to try and be strict with myself and do things the other way round! The trouble is, I'm quite likely to forget why I wanted the produce in the first place!!

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    Age. Isn't it grand?

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    I'm the same as you'll with the sheep.

    When the cows are ready to have their milk taken, the cow closest to me looks at her udder and then wiggles her rump, then looks at me with soulful eyes as if saying, "Won't you please hurry up and milk me?" Definitely a hoot!

    I definitely like the courtesy of the chickens. As soon as I feed them, they look at me and bow. Another hoot!
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    I do so agree try not to shear the sheep unless I have some feed for them, hate seeing them shiver also!
    I also like to give my Cows and Chickens time to rest cuz they sure do work hard!!
    My Dh just walked by and said thought you were doing Laundry, I said i was but thought of something I needed to do, on my way to do that heard the train coming in, so Of course had to get all my building supplies, and check out my Town!! but I have gotten the laundry done!

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    You lot are nuts.....

    Ha ha ha ...... But I'm right there with you's being a nut ha !!! I hate to see those sheep shivering the way they do, can't bare it...

    Oh the joy of not being alone

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    I just noticed that Chickens point to their mouth when they are hungry!! So now I will not feed eqch one till I see it point!! I am sure it has been doing it all along but just noticed!!
    And you are so right Chic to knw we are nt alone

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    You too, huh? Happens too often to me, too often. (Now, if I can remember where I left my keys…)

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    Lol it seems that we all have our interactions with the animals. I am not mad, I am a Townshipper! 😊

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    How do you move or remove the roads? I put them in early in the game and now they are in the wrong place?

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    Hi Claudette, Tap on the edit icon (4 green arrows) next to the friends tab, then choose the roads icon. The road with the mallet will remove the roads.
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