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Thread: The funny side of Township😊

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    Hey all I was wondering, who in their right mind would put that wallpaper in their Homes??

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    Ruth UK
    Have I missed something? What wallpaper?

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    Ruth, BJ is referring to the lovely wallpaper we make in our paper factory!
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    Susie Breden
    Quote Originally Posted by Barbara-Jean View Post
    Hey all I was wondering, who in their right mind would put that wallpaper in their Homes??
    Gee, you mean you don't like it? ;-)

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    Ruth UK
    Oh, THAT wallpaper.

    Well personally I don't mind wacky decorating in a downstairs loo. The door is always shut and it gives visitors something to smile about.

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    Lol I always think of it as an ink cartridge. I can't get my head around it being wallpaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    Does anybody else notice that they do certain things whilst playing the game? Please say yes lol!
    For me, it is regarding the sheep..........I can't take their wool from off their backs, unless I can feed them straight away, as I feel so bad for them shivering so much. Whereas with the cows, I like to give them a little break if I can, as those suckers look uncomfortable! What a silly billy I am‼
    I am tickled to death to find all the new quirks going on in the town. Did you know that if you touched d people that they would react? Ive seen people sneeze and stretch and so on.

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    Rick, i read your piece on the HBO show. Do you remember who the person was talking about gaming? It sounds so funny. Thank you so much. Turbo Snail.

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    Came looking for this thread (I remembered reading it) just to add an observation about the Mexican Restaurant.
    When the factory is working there are 3 people sitting at a table outside drinking margaritas. Watch as the waiter serves them new ones... The old ones just disappear. Like magic! He comes out with a tray of 3 drinks and goes back empty handed.
    We watched a few times just to make sure we weren't imagining it!
    My daughter is still LOL!

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    Have y’all ever noticed the blonde headed man on the helicopter pad? He is so funny when he hikes his right hip and scratches his butt. Fun to people watch on Township and find the hidden funnies.

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