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Thread: Best Tips For New Players

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    When you get the islands I have found that if you send as many ships as you can from the same island you have a better chance of getting everything you want even the harder to get items, well most f the time. i have not used ingots in a very long time for the islands.
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    Your new Best Friend will be Raja!

    As soon as you can afford to rent Raja - do so. Rent him for as long as you can afford to. The pay-off is enormous, because Raja can provide you with many needed items to finish the plane orders, the train requests, etc. Raja sells products, crops, ore and mining tools - all for coins, rather than Tcash.

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    To add to nana's tip, rajah offers a discount after the first time you hire him. 10 days will only cost you 72 tcash as opposed to 90 tcash if you renew his employment when his time is up.

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    You don't have to build everything. Just because it's a community building doesn't mean it must occupy space in your town if you don't like it or don't know what to do with it. You can always build something later on, if you decide you want it after all.

    Once built, community buildings can't be sold or stored, so consider this before building. It may take an extra level or two before you can open the next factory (because factories require a certain population, which you can only increase by adding community buildings), but the next level will have another community building, so patience will help here.

    A few levels down the line you won't remember the frustrating wait for the next community building if you decide not to build something, but you'll always have to figure out how to disguise an eye sore if you build it even though you didn't want it.
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    Upgrading for coins can help when starting out, but coins generally take care of themselves after a certain level (low 40s for most people, once community buildings become available every second level, rather than each), and the value of the benefits of those upgrades will have diminished, while time and experience points will be of value regardless of your attained level in the future.

    Upgrade your trains for time, so they come more frequently, and then for experience as quickly as you are able, because trains are the heart of the town's commerce. With upgraded trains, every time you load anything on your train you can get up to double the XP value.

    Upgrading factories for XP is also helpful, but the benefits of those upgrades are more spread out since they come from filling helicopter orders, and only those portions of the orders where you've upgraded the factory will be of benefit, making the gains spotty at first.

    However, upgrading factories for time is often the best use of resources, depending on how often you can check on the game during your day.

    Consider your gaming style, and find a balance between these priorities.
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    Help your friends, your neighbors, and any random strangers wandering by.

    Helping others is an excellent way of earning coins and experience points. Not only do you get to help someone, but you are gaining just as much as if you had used the items for your own town (there are some trade-offs once trains have been upgraded, but filling other people's trains also gives coins, which filling our own trains does not).

    Additionally, helping gives clovers, and so gives access to the House of Luck. Any given visit may not be spectacular, but, over time, you will find that you earn an enormous amount of Tcash, coins, and difficult to find items with consistent use of the House of Luck. It's an excellent resource, not to be dismissed.

    Finally, helping gets stuff out of your barn! It took a while for this to sink in for me, but everything we make and accumulate is for the purpose of getting rid of it. Nothing is gained by having 20 of an item if you never get rid of that item, only in using it yourself or in giving it away are any of the benefits of having had it derived.
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    Visit Ernie when doing multiple helicopter runs
    Sending off the helicopter and waiting can be a drag. Send it off and visit Ernie or if you have friends then quickly return to your town. Your helicopter will be magically back to do another order.

    Haha bet you thought I'd say grow and sell wheat.

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    Things you cannot do in Township (as of this date, it may change in the future):

    You cannot cancel, rearrange items in any factory queue. Strategy is important here in selecting items and their order.

    Edited: we can now sell or trade gems using Aurelio at Helicopter (when he shows up, that is!).

    You cannot sell or delete Community Buildings.

    You cannot drive vehicles over decoration bridges; nor do pedestrians walk across bridges either.

    If you ask for help on a train car or plane crate, you cannot change your mind and cancel it.
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    One thing I did not realise until someone else pointed it on the forum, is that there is a solution if the market dealer does not provide just enough of a vital commodity to fill a vital order.
    You must search for an alternative item, dismiss that, then start a new search for the goods you need and you will find that a new number appears. It may take several searches to obtain the minimum quantity you really require but it can be useful in times of crisis and save time and angst.
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    Another thought.. it is a good ideal to be ready to adapt your strategies and tactics as you progress through the levels. Different approaches are needed at different stages of the game and in light of new updates. Be flexible in adapting to new situations.

    For me buying the services of the dealer was the most dramatic effect on my methodology and enlarging the barn regularly has facilitated ease of play.
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