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Thread: Best Tips For New Players

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    Thanks y'all for the advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Hi all. While we wait for the December update I thought veteran players could offer their ONE best tip for new players. If you have more than one, please list as separate posts for ease in finding each single tip and ease of reading.

    Here is mine:

    Only start construction of ONE new Community Building at a time!

    Why? Your building materials algorithm will be thrown out of whack and you won't get what you need, when you want it, leading to severe frustration.

    Remember, one CB at a time for happier gaming!
    Should have came here first huh LOL

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    I finally saw this suggestion on the Facebook page. Sure wish I had known sooner but so glad to know it now. Not so frustrated with alot of unfinished buildings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itswtvr View Post
    Don't waste your money on the mint. Most people have never used it and it will take up valuable space in your town
    What is the mint

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pam Russell View Post
    What is the mint
    Hi Pam

    If you play your game on mobile or mac version, The Mint doesn't exist anymore. They bought it back from players who already had it with the update that brought us the tool factory. Basically you could use ingots to generate coins. It wasn't a very good exchange IMO and was glad to see it go. Lots of players never used it.

    Windows players are behind everyone else with updates, so I believe they still have The Mint.

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    Hi everyone. I am new here. Thanks for the information.

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