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Thread: Best Tips For New Players

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    Best Tips For New Players

    Hi all. While we wait for the December update I thought veteran players could offer their ONE best tip for new players. If you have more than one, please list as separate posts for ease in finding each single tip and ease of reading.

    Here is mine:

    Only start construction of ONE new Community Building at a time!

    Why? Your building materials algorithm will be thrown out of whack and you won't get what you need, when you want it, leading to severe frustration.

    Remember, one CB at a time for happier gaming!
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    I know everyone wants their town to look pretty, but don't get caught up in the decorations too early... Build up your coins and barn space at the beginning...
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    Never sell any barn tools. It may seem like a temporary solution in the early stages but leaves lasting effects. If you need to make room in barn, sell off anything else except that
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    Too many houses, not enough land!

    Many veteran players still struggle with this. As you progress, and larger housing becomes available, build only what you need to meet your population requirements/goals. Once housing is available you can build at any time as land is expanded. No need to crowd and pile up housing unnecessarily. More housing and population is offered than you will truly ever need to meet achievements and to progress in the game.

    What if you have already over-built your housing? You can sell it for half price, it returns to inventory and can be built again later if you need it. You will lose the population attached to it, so carefully calculate if this will work for you. It is always best not to over build in the beginning, but there are solutions if you do.
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    Buy the second and third trains as soon as you possibly can. You'll need as many tools and material you can get and the trains are the best way to get them. If you have a choice between a factory, port repair or train, choose the train. You won't regret it.

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    Although it may seem a daunting task, please try to read the forum first... Some of us have been playing the game for over 2 years and we have posted a myriad of information for you... 9 times out of 10, your question has already been answered before you even thought of what to ask...
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    Don't waste your money on the mint. Most people have never used it and it will take up valuable space in your town

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    If youve already started building multiple community buildings at a time and find that your building materials are coming in imbalanced, keep as many tools as you need to build one community building and sell of the rest. This will trigger the game to bring you more of the other building materials.
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    Dont waste your money or materials on the Jewellery store.

    Its not used, almost everyone tries to hide it somewhere in their town as its never used... The ore it asks for is used for ingots which are needed for better purposes elsewhere...

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    Hi guys!

    Thanks for creating such a thread These tips from our Township pros will definitely come in handy for a newbie.
    You rock!

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