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Thread: Best Tip For New Players

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    Quote Originally Posted by CherryBoss76513 View Post
    I read your post of only starting one community building at a time too late! I have like 6 partially built CB and it is taking forever to get one finished. I can not seem to get any completed without using t-cash! I have tried selling the extra supplies I get but it does not seem to help. Any other suggestions for what I might try to get caught up?
    Hi CherryBoss

    To get out of that you have to choose one of the unfinished building and keep just enough material for that one. Sell ALL the excess and keep selling until you get enough of that elusive 3rd material. Once done, choose a second building and do the same. Meanwhile do not build community buildings. After you have completed all the unfinished ones, just build one at a time.
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    Thank you for the advice. I will do that and hopefully I'll get caught up. Live and learn!

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    Wie bekomm ich mehr Freunde????Ich bräuchte mehr Freunde um schneller voranzukommen.....Bitte bitte addet mich.Danke... ;-) Ich hoffe nur das es jemand liest....

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    One cow barn, one feed mill? You're trolling, right?
    the better advice is to upgrade your feed mill to level 11. Three feed mills each with 8 storage will allow you to hold one round of feeding for all animal barns.

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    Use ingots to upgrade the trains FIRST. Why? Trains are the primary source of mining tools. The faster the trains come, the more mining tools you get. The more you mine, the more ore you collect and the more ingots you create for upgrading the trains faster (and the factories LATER). As other posters have said, the dairy, sugar factory and bakery are the most important factories to upgrade since they provide goods used by other factories. Another benefit to speeding up the trains is that you end up with FAR more building materials than you need for the ONE construction project you have underway -- and you can make a lot of coin selling building materials!

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    I agree with Xen Xander township. The first thing I did was upgrade my feedmills 100%. It makes all the difference. Everything starts with the feedmills.

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