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Thread: Firecrackers and Butterflies

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    Firecrackers and Butterflies

    On multiple levels, I have attempted to activate the Fireworks boxes (now the Firecracker Trio) to eliminate butterflies to complete a level, however, the firecrackers destroy other pieces randomly. I believe that firecrackers should ALWAYS help. Whether it's to lower lemonade, reveal gnomes, destroy rocks, boxes, and emeralds, flip mushrooms, collect pieces, eliminate butterflies, or at the very least, create other HELPFUL moves, firecrackers should ALWAYS help.

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    When it comes to butterflies, fireworks will only destroy pieces below the butterfly, dropping it 1 square to give you the chance to make a match with it. They do have limitations though, as 1 fireworks pack cannot hit the same square twice. Example: If you have a firefly pot with 2 fireflies in it, setting off a firework will see 1 firework hit the pot but the other two will go elsewhere. Fireworks are often extremely helpful except when it comes to butterflies. Often times I find they make butterfly levels even more challenging as they usually keep lowering the butterflies back down the board to an area where I have no potential matches available, thus dragging out how long that butterfly stays on the board. This in turn means I don't free enough butterflies before I run out of moves. Unless it's part of the objective or I have no other viable moves, I often avoid fireworks on butterfly levels.

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    I think the trio firecrackers do help in a way, despite their randomness, they just prioritise things differently so that the level is not auto-completed. Eg. they are more likely to attack flowers directly, than attack flowerboxes when there are already flowers on the field.

    With butterflies, the devs probably expect you to make the matches yourself. Having the trio destroy the butterflies for you would be too easy for the kind of level these two would be in.

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    I also wish they could attack butterflies directly. Maybe to compensate, the # of butterflies required could increase?

    Either that, or just stop designing levels with both

    On the other hand, sometimes I do like when they buy me time. It's just too random for my liking

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