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Thread: More variety of Festivals

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    More variety of Festivals

    Currently the only guy who parks his trailer across from my mansion is John Rockit and his fireworks festival. Now I do love Johnny a lot, but he visits way too frequently for a globetrotter, and other festivals need that space.

    So why don't we have more festivals, each with a different theme and a different competition. When one festival ends, another trailer takes over.
    I have a few ideas:
    Event A - Fireworks Festival
    goal- make as many firecrackers as possible
    Event B - Garden Supplies mobile store
    goal- destroy emeralds, dirt and stones
    Event C - Fountains Club Convention
    goal- catch water droplets
    Event D - Experimental Energy Station
    goal- make rainbow blasts
    Event E - Pest Exterminator Van
    goal- collect bugs and disable moles
    Special - Holiday events like Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year etc.

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    There is this new event that popped up just now, about growing exotic flowers for an orangery. Wouldn't it be great if a small pop-up greenhouse appeared in the events space, with Rich Arden hosting this event. (or someone else if he's busy).

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