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Thread: Multiple suggestions. Please read! Mainly co-op related.

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    Multiple suggestions. Please read! Mainly co-op related.

    1. Boosters that you can earn to speed up plants, ships, building, etc. Without having to use T-cash.
    It is difficult for me to justify spending 34 T cash bringing a ship back whether I need it or not because it can cost real money. There are a lot of other games that have the option of using in game currency as well as boosters that you can earn through completing different things.

    2. The ability for the co-op leader to decide if a member can race or not. From personal experience, I have seen our co-op leader kindly ask members to switch to “not racing” instead of bringing our team down by not finishing tasks and they did not. I think it's a nice alternative to kicking the members.... Especially if you like them and would like for them to stay but they are just no help in the regatta.

    3. Private chat between leaders and co-leaders to make ultimate decisions regarding the co-op course of action in the races, members, etc.

    4. For racers who finish less tasks to get less rewards than those who finish 10-15. We put a lot of time into playing and it stinks that we not only end up in 12th place because everyone is not participating but we also get fewer rewards for our efforts. If the leader cannot switch people to "not racing" then there should be something implemented so that other members cannot reap the rewards of dedicated players. For example, people who finish 0 tasks should get no rewards and people who finish 5 or less task should get less rewards. This makes it fair to everyone.

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    hi Jaydensmom,

    Nr 3 has been ruled out already by the Devs in the thread "Read this before posting! Ideas that cannot be implemented at this time (or ever)"
    Other Coops use Email, PM in this or other (free) forums, or FB groups... BTW, note that the Group discussions here are public.

    For nr 2: fortunately Playrix have said already they won't allow any player to access and influence other players' games. I must say I find it an unreasonable demand that someone would want to overrule my settings cos someone else is not capable or willing to set ONE checkmark accordingly, i.e. to opt out. You don't need another "nice" alternative, if certain Coop members don't react to the 'kindness and politeness of your Coop leader: the leader has all necessary options already.
    They can (and should) explain their rules and expectations in Chat and the Coop announcements - and then require them to be followed. If the members don't react, the leader can and should kick them. The default kick message can be adjusted accordingly (if it wasn't clarified in Chat before already), even with the hint that they can come back if they play the regatta as this Coop wants it. That is also to protect and show appreciation for the members who do their tasks - THAT is fair.

    Nr 4 is also dependent on the regatta rules/agreements in a Coop, so: no change to the general rewards, pls, esp. as the amounts would result in endless discussions as well (I've seen different "amounts" here before) -- just tidy up in your Coop.

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    What do you all think??

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    lol, I've replied, but it went into Mod.queue - hope it is only a tech thing and is freed soon

    For nr 3 I had to recommend to check the thread "Read this before posting! Ideas that cannot be implemented at this time (or ever)" - ruled out by the Devs.

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    1. Upgrading the ships to 50% time is achieved by the use of ingots. I do a ship tasks quite often, but, would never be tempted to pay to bring them back. As boosters last for a couple of days, I would think that this would not be worth using on speeding up buildings. Also this is not a game designed for speed.

    So far, the devs have not brought out a booster to speed up ships, such as they have done with the factories, but they have given us a booster which makes the use of ingots more efficient. They also gave us a booster to increase the crop yield rather than speed it up. To my mind that means that they could have given us boosters to increase the speed but chose not to.

    2. Support have previously said that they would never allow anyone to change another player's settings. If co-op members are not adhering to the rules, it is for the co-op leaders to take action.

    3. Private chat I very much doubt will happen, as the devs have already ruled out private messaging. This is to ensure that there is no abusive language/intent towards other players.

    4. As per #2 it is not for Playrix to decide the rules of our co-ops. Each co-op is different and has their own view of what is and is not allowed in the co-op & regatta. It is for your co-op to enforce your rules of your co-op.

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