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Thread: New and Diverse Landmarks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marie007 View Post
    And he probably is not on the UNESCO list, if he does not exist.
    not sure - did anyone check with the UNESCO list for all the other suggestions?

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    I just look if there was something from the Quebec province. Was thinking about the Chateau Frontenac. Instead I found the Quebec old city part, which is not a single building but a clutter of buildings.

    As a relatively new country, Canada has more "green" landmarks then "building" landmarks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pink View Post
    Hi Ege, there has been some discussion from time to time regarding landmarks. Most of the decorations are taken from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. See some further suggestions here

    What particular Turkish landmarks would you like to see?
    There are lots of landmarks in Turkey that are in UNESCO's heritage list. Cappadocia is one them. Cappadocia can also be added to the game due to its uniqueness.

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