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Thread: All enclosures & shops, 5 basket in the zoo disappeared! Support is not answering!

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    All enclosures & shops, 5 basket in the zoo disappeared! Support is not answering!

    Dear Forum Administrators & dear members!

    I am a new member here on this forum but I have been playing Township since Eastern. My city called JOY CITY, my level is currently 51, my zoo level is 8!

    First of all thank you for this forum which let me find some useful tipps and answer how to play Township better!

    Almost 2 weeks ago all my zoo enclosures and zoo shops (3D Movie, café etc.) with 5 basket pro selling shop to sell hot goods as well as all my space expansions I bought at the zoo disappeared!

    What is really strange at the same time I still can enter my zoo, even click on my picture book with all my animals and their names I had bought but the expansions, the enclosures and the shops there are gone! I was in middle of fulfilling the hot item regatta task for the regatta when this happened to me! I had to quitt the regatta task in order to do another and not ruin further our regatta points!

    I am from Germany and if there are any grammar mistakes or wrong choice of wording please don´t hesitate to correct me or ask me if something is not quite understandable! Thank in advance!

    As here recommended I immidiately contacted the Playrix support via Township himself from inside the game and got an email that the support will answer shortly! One day later a person name Kathie said hello and ask me if the problem is still in place and what is going on. So I sent again all the details including Level of my City, Zoo, Coins, inhabitants, Coop Name and its members as well as my neighbour code and two picture made with my smartphone and attached them this email to Playrix support!

    After 5 days I started to wonder why I haven´t heard anything from the Playrix support. Today 9 days passed and there is still no answer .. ?

    I am very much worried and sad and fear that I have to buy all my animals and the shops including the field expansions again also I have already invested many time, jewels as well as real Euros in Tcash in order to get to this level of the zoo!

    What is strange but at the same time I am very grateful for is.. in the city itself all factories are working, I can take part in talking to my coop and in the weekly regatta. But I have noticed that the amount I receive for selling goods to the inhabitants of the city decreased since I lost my zoo buildings and shops!

    So my question is:

    1) will I get an answer from the Playrix support any times soon? Shall I make again a complaint from inside the game?
    2) can maybe help me here anybody in solving this problem?
    3) has anybody here a clue why this is happening and if the support is able to restore my zoo?
    4) until now I didn´t do anything in my zoo .. is this right .. waiting for the answer of the support?

    Here are my details:
    JOY CITY, Level 52, Zoo Level 8, Coop Name: Cheries, Members: Pegasos, Timonland, Eckernförde, El Alba, Annie, Township, Kauguri and myself! My neighbour code is TXQJ2J! Inhabitants: 4475 right now ..

    I even deinstalled the Windows Store App Township on my PC and reinstalled it and the zoo shops and enclosures are still gone! My PC has no virus! I am playing on my PC with Windows10 installed and with the Township App from the Windows Store. I am not connected with Facebook because I don´t have any social media accounts so far.

    I am playing Township since Eastern, grew really fond of it, have a great coop and I even invested a lot of Euros in order to buy Tcash! What did I do wrong? Please help me ..

    I really hope one of you here can give me an explanation and reassurance that my zoo will be reinstalled properly again and a time period how long this will probably last?

    What else can I do? For any advice I will be very thankful!


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    Dear interested reader,

    there is a thread where most of my questions are answered! See here please:

    See you there ..

    Update of my resetted zoo:

    - still waiting to hear from the Playrix Support stuff in order to know if and when they are going to restore it
    - didn´t restore the zoo.. I am still waiting and use the time to advance my city and its community buildings .. like this I save space in the barn ..


    Plattform: Windows PC
    City Name: JOY CITY
    City Level: 56
    Zoo Level: 8
    Friend requests: pm me here on this Forum .. looking for friends to level higher than 50!
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    Hi Joy City,

    ich hab jetzt nicht nochmal alles durchgelesen, aber ich würde doch nochmal beim Support nachfragen (per Antwort auf die letzte msg) und auch, wie Thomas in dem anderen thread geschrieben hat, hier Albina per PM um Unterstützung bitten. Find ich nicht einsichtig, dass Ihr das alles neu kaufen und bezahlen müsst - auch wenn ich verstehen kann, dass man die Lust am Warten verliert. ;-)
    Viel Erfolg!

    p.s.: fiel mir gerade noch auf: ich würde mal in deiner letzten post oben den Krempel/Stoff (stuff) in staff ändern.... nicht, dass noch jemand was falsch versteht. ;- D ich lösch dann auch das PS.
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