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Thread: 15.06 Township Trivia

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    15.06 Township Trivia

    TOWNSHIP TRIVIA is back and better than ever!

    Strawberry season is in full swing. Let’s make it count! Find all STRAWBERRIES among other goodies and post the correct number.
    FIVE winners chosen randomly will receive 250 T-cash each!

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    i counted 66 strawberries

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    Thanks for opening the thread

    I count 66 strawberries.
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    I see 65 strawberries!!

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    Sixty Six (66)

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    66 strawberries!
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    I'm guessing 66

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    66 strawberries for me!

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    I counted 66, I think that's right.

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    Let's have a big round of applause for the recent Trivia WINNERS : Talpa, Marlette Cloer, Messy Town, LifeJacket, Graylady !
    Check your PMs on how to receive your prizes.
    The correct answer is 66 strawberries. We would like to thank everyone who entered! All of you did awesome!
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