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    DIY Factory

    Please may we have a factory to make diy stuff like sheds, bbqs, garden furniture? It could also use building products like bricks and glass to make greenhouses and firepits so that when you have too many building supplies (when you've built all the community buildings) you can make something for orders.

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    It's a great idea to have somewhere to use up building supplies once you've got all your community buildings. Yes, the zoo uses them but not as fast as they come in the trains. I always end up selling them off to make room in the barn rather than saving them for the zoo.

    People still building their community buildings will not like a factory that needs their precious building materials though. So perhaps it could be a special community factory, that you can only get after a certain level or certain percentage of community buildings completed, and maybe those sheds/benches/flower displays or whatever else you find in a DIY store will be decorations you produce rather than a new product, so we don't feel forced into using bricks and glass for products instead of zoo. It will be an extra option.

    I am warming to this.

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    Great idea!

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    Thank you 😊 i was thinking that it could make sheds using trees , pizza ovens from clay, tents from trees and cotton, tarp from plastic , then later on towards the community buildings ending around level 70 it could make green houses from glass and bricks, brick bbqs, paving slabs from cement and summerhouses from trees and wood. Maybe even a bronze statue even later on from ore? Think I'm getting carried away now 😂

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    This sounds great!!

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