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Thread: Fireworks/Cheating?

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    I just got a 10th place bonus in the fireworks "competition". I found this very surprising, since I spent most of the competition stuck on level 908. I finally beat it with only 2 hours left to earn fireworks. I was shocked to see I was in first place, with 35 rockets. I played out my lives and went to sleep. When I quit for the night, I was in 6th with 42.
    The competition ended overnight, and when I checked in the morning I had the 10th place prize, thank you very much!
    Here's the cheating part. I was in 10th with 42. The numbers slowly went up as you went up the ranks until 3rd place had 72. 2nd had 108. And first place? 579!
    Please explain how getting that many rockets in such a short time is possible without cheating.

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    Dont worry about the place or price. Its not worth it. I got the nr. 1 spot in my groupe and spend about 6k gold 4 spades and lots of starter bombs and rainbows. And what do I get for 1st Prize:
    900 gold
    3 spades, bombs and rainbows plus 2 hours of free gameplay.
    Not worth it. And I got 296 firecrackers.

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    It's possible that there was delay in updating the boards either because of the server updates or time zones. It sounds suspicious, but only playrix will know if they have been cheating

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    I don't really care, I just found it odd. Anyone who needs to cheat in a game like this (if they did) probably has a pretty small life. They are welcome to their fake coins and silly power ups. ;-)

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    Nobody knows how this is set up except for the creators, but on the surface it seems to highly favor the new players with easier levels. For people like me on level 1309 I am lucky to get 50+ firecrackers during an event because of how long it takes to beat a level

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    Guardian is right. I am on 1315 so got same problems. I liked old events, they were more fair for all of us. Either way, firecracks prizes are nothing valuable imao.

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    Let me tell you. Im not cheating. You didn't know how i got that much. I enjoy my game and I don't care about first place. You can get it. I just want to finish my garden as fast as i can.

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    The full contest is seriously flawed, any contest should give everyone an equal chance, a level playing field and this doesn't in any way, I'm a high level player waiting new levels each week, the only game I had to play this time was the chests looking for keys as I had no levels to play. How is this a fair contest at all.

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    Hi all! Sherry here. I'm the one with all the fire crackers.
    Lemme 'splain. This game is my stress relief. I own a highly stressful business. The $20 bucks I spend on power ups is much cheaper than my past vices.
    I play to watch the garden grow.

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    I'm with you.

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