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Thread: Keep The Restaurant Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llydia View Post
    I agree,could not face the cooking all day long with other players that only play with t's,please keep it as a special event and let it rest for a long time.
    Loved the easter event,playing against the members of your own co op,at least you know they are not cheating.
    Playing with t cash is not cheating.

    It's not fun competing against someone who has a lot more time or money than you can afford to spend on a game, I know, but it is not actually cheating if they use cash. Sorry. Think of it this way : if they buy lots of t cash that is funding the game for everyone!

    Very important to also note: the event was entirely playable without having to join in with the competition. We had personal goals and personal prizes, and (as it turned out), excellent coin prize. We could ignore that competition if we wanted and still have fun with it.

    I think this last point is important because it is a great and fair way to offer something for everyone and I congratulate Playrix on that.
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    I agree with Laurel Cove. It's a nice event, but too monotonous to be permanent. Plus, I had to go to the market dealer for produce (so many potatoes and peppers!) when I didn't have enough of something and couldn't do a product request. Would rather buy ore than produce.
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    Agree! Loved the restaurant. In fact, I was sad that the tiki bar was not a playable restaurant!

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    The game cheats don't waste your money on it

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    Omg i am addicted to the restaurant part please please please make it apart of the game i loved it . I was third

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    I would download it as a separate app

    Hint hint hint

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    Restaurant tasks

    Oh my! The burger restaurant task with the Italian restaurant tasks was so fun... When are you bringing them back? I want to play again!!!

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    Gostaria que permanecesse o restaurante muito bom

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    As much as I enjoyed the event, I wouldn't want it and its associated contest against other players to go on forever. I'm glad it's over. The Regatta is enough competition in one week for me.
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    Permanent Restaurant/s

    I loved the restaurant event. Pity it was so short. I wish the game had a permanent restaurant/s to build, enter, serve dishes, renovate etc.

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