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Thread: Keep The Restaurant Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Lacroix View Post
    I am the leader of a really fantastic group. We all LOVE LOVE LOVE the new resturaunt event you have given us. Please continue this event. It is loads of fun and keeps us going while waiting for regatta or our items to produce. Keeps us busy. We want more of it. We all agree....
    Sincerely , smile sensation

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    Yes Please!!! KEEP THE RESTAURANT EVENT: it's fantastic

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    The restaurant is absolutely amazing!!!!!! Please keep this going!

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    yes it's amazing .. I Love it .. just keep it and lots people will keep on time with game

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    No thank you. I did like e restaurant game but would not want it as a permanent part of Township. I like that the events are different each month. And I like that there is a break of time with no event so I can concentrate on my town and zoo.

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    Yesssssss! Keep it. Let us continue from where we were when it closed. Add ability to add grill and pans. Everything else is perfect the w a y it was. A nice alternative while waiting on regatta requests which take way too long to do, but one thing at a time. Open it again and never close it. The time wait is excellent. Only thing again please just ability to add another grill, pan and 2 keep warm plates.

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    No don't keep it! I am glad it is over!

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    The restaurant's

    I loved the restaurants. It was really cool... would love to see it permanently.

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    I agree,could not face the cooking all day long with other players that only play with t's,please keep it as a special event and let it rest for a long time.
    Loved the easter event,playing against the members of your own co op,at least you know they are not cheating.

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    I wish this was a poll! I LOVED the restaurant game and so wish it could stick around.

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