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Thread: I still want a boat/island goods tab in the barn

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    I still want a boat/island goods tab in the barn

    Please add a tab in the barn for items coming by boat from the islands...

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    Would be helpful.
    Also an animal tab.

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    That would be extremely helpful! When deciding where to send my boats, at the moment, I go to the jam factory to check how many grapes and peaches I have, the asian restaurant to check for fish, and the bakery for bananas. I find the main food tab way to overloaded and confusing.

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    Check this thread for "no more special icons":

    and Liz, it might be easier to click on the fruit on the islands, and a lot faster, to Check what you have. Then you can decide there right away, where to send the ships.
    To check the islands w/o sending ships, just click on the port.

    ETA: You can also check in one place what is in your barn, when the ships are underway: in the port, click on the destination island names, then the same window appears as in the islands, then click on the shown products. The amount in your barn will be listed.
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