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Thread: Building material given as gifts....why

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    Building material given as gifts....why

    I am really fed up with receiving building materials as chest gifts or as any gift....we have nothing to build and they just clog the barn up...I end up selling them. Please can it stop? Also I would like to suggest we can transfer township cash to township tokens, again we get more cash than tokens. Thanks .

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    Just received my gift for the regatta....guess what more building materials that I do t want.....township have you seen my message or should I send it somewhere else for a reply?

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    Hi Bubs

    You can always send your suggestion from within your game. Just see the Help and Support section.

    As for changing gold coins in T-cash, they already said no to that. See the link in my signature.
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    There are still many people, myself included that appreciate receiving building material any way I can get them. I just sell off what I don't need for now and earn a little coin.
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    Hi Bubs, actually I like the building supplies but just wish they came more frequently. I never seem to have enough to complete my buildings

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