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Thread: Changes to the "Spin"... PLEASE!

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    Changes to the "Spin"... PLEASE!

    Can you change the name of the lucky spin? Can it be called "Daily Spin" or "Prize Wheel"?

    Also, can the coinage be upped a little? Based on how much boosters and lives cost, 75 coins is not much of a prize. How about a 500 and 1000 coin option? Or, a 250 and 500?

    And, when the jackpot is won, can the player choose when to start their 3 hours of play instead of it starting automatically?

    Thank you for considering!

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    Yes, please, to coins and choosing when to start the infinite lives (would be nice for tournaments, also). The coin "prizes" are a joke.

    That said, I've gotten in the habit of ignoring the prize wheel until I know I'll be able to make use of the infinite lives if I happen to get the jackpot...

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    What's wrong with "lucky spin"? I quite like that name. I think the more pressing matter is the coins. Personally I would like more coins from the wheel, but I know that might not happen because it devalues the coins in the cash shop. And nothing hurts a developing game more than peeved cash-players.

    I also tend to use the wheel after I use up my hearts, because the infinite hearts includes a free refill. An "infinite hearts activation envelope" would be much more helpful though.

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