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Thread: Train orders

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    Train orders

    I don't understand why it is they you don't get coins for filling train orders? If you fulfill helicopter or plane orders you receive coins but not train orders. Would like to see that changed

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    Because planes dont bring anything back.
    With trains it is more like bartar trade. You give products to get building materials.

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    Sanbaggins is right.

    Also indirectly, you can use trains to help you earn more gold. Because building materials the train brings in, you can use to expand your township enabling it to produce more and earn more coins, or upgrade zoo stores to earn more gold selling products. And ore you can use to upgrade your factories to earn more gold on helicopter missions. So trains don't directly produce more coins, but indirectly they can really ramp up the gold you're able to earn.

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    I agree on you Timaustin. I also find a weird that you only get xp's on sending trains and you dont get cash.

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    I assume that this is because the designated area for making coins is using the helicopter. Upgrading the factories for coins increases the bonus that we get from fulfilling those orders, and in turn, we can control our finances by choosing which orders to fulfil and whether or not to use the booster.

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