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Thread: Pool and more pets

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    Pool and more pets

    It would be great if we could build a swimming pool with exotic flowers and trees around. And my dog would like to have some friends. Some cats and more dogs would be great.

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    As for the cat(s) and maybe also more dogs, I'm afraid the Devs have ruled it out; check here:

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    I'm so sorry...didn't see that. I wonder why it would be so hard to put in a Cat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotta Robinson Kronberg View Post
    I wonder why it would be so hard to put in a Cat?
    As they say "as another option of a pet", it means more than just a picture of a pet. So I assume it is because the dog does certain actions in the game, and Austin reacts to the dog and its actions. You wouldn't be content if you got some more dogs just sitting there, right? (imagine it! lol!) and cats... they behave differently than dogs, so even when just sitting there (not even some paw licking!), it means a ton of new stuff to invent.
    So, it would probably mean a whole LOT of additional programming - doing the same what they did already all over again (incl. text reactions) and that is probably something they don't have time for.

    But some not-moving things, like the swimming pool and more different flowers are maybe easier possible.

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    Hello!!!, Have Finn the dog beatifull

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