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Thread: Only show tasks you can choose for the Level you're on

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    Only show tasks you can choose for the Level you're on

    We have a Co-Op of 5 members, all at varying levels from Beginner to some in the mid-70's levels. The members of the Regatta in the lower levels have as many as 3 or 4 of the Regatta tasks "grayed out" and they cannot choose them because they are not at the higher levels to do those tasks. For one of our members 25% of the tasks are unavailable to her because we just got her to join playing the game and she has not attained the level we are at. This means her selections for the Regatta tasks are slim. We do an excellent job in communicating to each of the members in our Regatta as to which tasks we're going to take next, but we are all in different time zones which makes reading messages in enough time to choose a task, or not, is sometimes a bit difficult. We all absolutely love this game and it allows all of us - who are located around the world - to feel closer to each other, and feel like we're doing something all together even though we can't be in each other's presence. Is there any consideration that can be given to having only the Regatta tasks show up on each member's Regatta choices that are at the levels they are playing? Thank you so much.

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    Hi Curly

    This is impossible as the whole team has the same list of tasks. You can always promote a player to Elder in another time zone to clean the board when you are not there. Your lower level players should announce on the chat what tasks they cannot make to alert those with the dumping power to clean the board.

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