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Thread: Golden Gate Bridge

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    Golden Gate Bridge

    Hi I was wondering if you could please make the Golden Gate bridge active. I love the way it look but when cars or people get up to it they turn around. It would be nice to have it working since its the only real looking bridge. thanks.

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    This has been ruled out by developers.

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    hi Jim,

    alas, "Cars crossing bridges" has been ruled out by the Devs here. We thought (in another discussion) that this - as well as "Townspeople walking in and out of buildings" - means there's a problem between active/inactive items meeting or moving items meeting fixed objects. Not that it helps now, but to say it could be a more technical no-no.

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    You could make it where if you put a road across the water and we're able to place the bridge on the road crossing the water then it would look like the cars were crossing the bridge

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