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Thread: limit on stockpiling mining tools?

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    limit on stockpiling mining tools?

    Hi everyone. Following advice from this forum I have not mined since the beginning of the regatta, wad told if you save 100 picks you can bash out the mining task easily. So far after nearly a week I have 74 picks but have noticed that the trains have stopped bringing mining tools. At least the last 6 trains, maybe more as I hadnt noticed before. Is there a limit? I didnt have enough last time and ended up buying some picks just to get the last couple of ores needed. Is there a rule that I dont know? Thankyou.

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    I've had several hundred picks at one time or another. I can go thru several sets of trains with no mining tools then the cycle changes and I get tools with every train. Be patient, tools will come.

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    I have 230 mining picks. I get most of my mining tools from Raja, but also get some from trains. I started using Raja fir mining tools because it took too long from the trains alone.

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    I have close to 1000 mining tools at the moment. I never saw a limit on how many you can have. I agree with Laurel, there are cycle with the trains. Sometimes we receive more, sometimes, less. Akila is right too. Raja the market dealer is the perfect place to buy mining tools with coins instead of T-cash.

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    Thanks everyone. Literally as soon as I posted the next train brought some.. I'll use Raja too from now on though I am a bit tight when it comes to spending, saving to expand, rather get them for free. X

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    I have noticed lulls in the arrival of mining tools when stockpiling them.

    I'm not sure they arrive more plentiful when you're not stockpiling them. But I can't evade the impression that they do, so I've stopped using this tactic for the regatta mining task.

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    No there isn't a limit on them. Currently i have 136 picks, 322 dynamite and 225 TNT.
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