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Thread: Treasure chests

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    Treasure chests

    Since implementing the treasure chests in The ocean....there was only one that day...... Haven't seen one since... How often are they supposed to occur?

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    There is supposed to be chest every 24 hours.

    Be sure to check all corners of the ocean map, sometimes they're a bit hidden.

    If you still can't find anything, be sure to report it from in-game.
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    hi Geraldine,

    and we assume that the 24 hours that Amoria mentioned start from the time (hour) where you found that first chest. Not per calendar-day necessarily.
    If you're looking too early, nothing there. And if you're as forgetful as me, set an alarm on your device for that hour

    And, I personally have the impression that I "enter" the sea area at a different place than usual (usual = Fructus island, then Fisherman island), when the chest has arrived. Like a hint - then I start searching.

    If really really no other chest turns up, you'll have to report it from within your game, as Amoria said (cog top left, then Help and support).
    But let's hope for some good finds instead!

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    I can confirm that the chest appear 24 hours after we picked one. If we are late to pick it up, we pick it up later and later. That is why I set up an alarm on my device too.

    As they enlarge the whole islands section, be sure to scroll all around. But usually when I visit the islands at the appropriate time, I see the chest right away so it is not hidden.
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