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Thread: 02.06 Restaurant Day Event!

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    I loved the restaurant. Is it available to play it by it self?

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    Great but where I can find the next event details?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XComedian View Post
    Great but where I can find the next event details?
    We won't receive any info about the next event until we receive the next update.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    I have event withdrawal symptoms. Help.

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    Wow, I was hoping for 1 coin per coupon. What a pleasant surprise to find 60k coins when I opened the game!

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    I'm going through restaurant withdrawl!

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    Loved the event. Would like to see it as a permanent addition with decorations as the prizes.

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    Just wanted to say that I appreciate the buyback of event tokens being much higher than in previous events. Got about 60k.

    Great way to keep players invested after they've achieved the regular rewards/decorations.
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    I'm sorry to have missed it since I only found the game two weeks ago. Someone told me that the event was closed now but it must still have been active while I reached the level needed to participate in events.
    So I assume that it is like regattas and you need to reach the level before the event starts. That's a bit sad since a new player could at least get an idea of what events are like and not just reach the level and then see there "There are currently no events, a new one will start soon" - while actually, there is one taking place right then.

    I hope the next event will come soon so that I can experience my first one as well.

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    I wish the restaurants stayed a part of the game

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